다이어리: Korean Face Mask Review

안녕하세요 여러분! Hi everyone! 

My mom surprised me with all the korean goodies she got from her friend whose son went to Korea and I was so excited to read the hangul parts in the product and try them! Here are the korean goodies that I got….and…. I’m really grateful to recieve these things because I am really into Korean stuff and culture. And the 1st thing that catches my attention is the pack full of Face Masks. 

I was really hyped to try those because Korea is known for good Face products for they cherish their skin hihihihi..and… this is me wearing it..

Yay!!! At first, I am really shocked because there were too many serum inside… hahahaha p.s don’t mind my face 😂 

That’s all! If there’s any available korean masks in your area you can buy just one to try it.. I assure you that it is really good and relaxing ❤ you won’t be disappointed ☺







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