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다이어리: I came back!!

안녕하세요 여러분! Hi everyone!

Finally after 6 months, I came back!!!

I am truly sorry if I haven’t posted for a while… Things aren’t going well with school 😤 well, the catch is I finally came back!! 😊

Since I came back, I wanted to share with you, the things I’ve captured during our school festival…

I’ve really enjoyed our school festival, I’ve even danced and singed my heart out 😂 we’ve partied like it’s the last day of school but unfortunately it is not.

I have some questions for you guys…

  1.  Have you been well? 잘지냈어요?
  2. Do you still continue studying korean? 한국어 계숙 공부하고 있어요?

Don’t be afraid to comment down below your answers to my questions! Really excited to be back with you guys! Thank you for supporting me from the start!! 사랑해요!! 💓



p.s since i’ve finally came back, my korean lessons, kdrama reviews, diary entries came back too!





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