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K-드라마: 1% of something

안녕하세요 여러분! Hi everyone!

I’m back at it again with a new k-drama however, this k-drama is not that kind of popular but it is worth the watch!!

This k-drama is really good!! If i will rate it with 1-10, this would be a 10!! I love the flow of the story. I love the characters too! And you will love them even more because they have portrayed it well! They have funny scenes, love scenes, sad scenes or to put it in other words, they all have the emotional scenes that will capture your heart. 

(oops! here is the spoiler part!!) My favorite episode would be episode 15… that is the most heartwarming episode I’ve ever watched… I really liked Da Hyun’s (the main girl in the story) reaction to the confession of Jae In (the main man in the story). I’VE LOVED THE MEANING OF THE CONFESSION OF JAE IN!! and that is why i’m going to insert it as a quote 🙂

Other people break up because they don’t love each other, but i don’t know why do we need to break up because we do. I love you Da Hyun.

You must watch this guys! The over-all summary of this k-drama is that there are 2 people who really don’t know and like each other. The girl who is named Da Hyun is an elementary teacher. One day, while accomodating her class with an activity, she saw an unconscious old man who accidentally fell on the slope. So, she immediately helped him and asked for help. After that, there are 2 men who visited Da Hyun. It is the lawyer and Jae In who is the director of an hotel, asking Da Hyun about a will of testament which states that, in order Jae In to get his fortune from his grandfather he needs to marry Da Hyun. Because of that, Da Hyun was really shocked about it and insisted that she is not going to marry Jae In because she doesn’t really know him and he has a rude personality… but who knows right? maybe there is something about that person even 1% part of him/her that would make you completely fall in love with them… That’s it guys! I hope you enjoyed!! and i hope i have persuaded you to watch this k-drama 😊



p.s this kdrama has 16 episodes and at the end you’ll surely wish that this kdrama has more episodes





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