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Random Korean: Vocab #1

안녕하세요 여러분! Hi everyone! 

As you can notice, the title says Vocab #1 it only means that in this post, we will be talking about words that you will use in constructing korean sentences and I have 30 words on the list. 

  1. 예뻐다 – pretty (ye-ppo-da)
  2. 더워- hot (deoweo)
  3. 추워- cold (chuweo)
  4. 행복하다- happy (haeng-bok-ha-da)
  5. 슬프다- sad (seul-peu-da)
  6. 피곤하다- tired (pi-gon-ha-da)
  7. 잘생기다- handsome (jal-saeng-gi-da)
  8. 재미있다- fun (jae-mi-it-da)
  9. 재미업다- no fun/ boring (jae-mi-eop-da)
  10. 귀엽다- cute (gwi-yeop-da)
  1. 오다- to come (o-da)
  2. 공부하다- to study (gong-bu-ha-da)
  3. 배우다- to learn (bae-u-da)
  4. 시작하다- to start (si-jak-ha-da)
  5. 읽다- to read (ilg-da)
  6. 일하다- to work (il-ha-da)
  7. 자다- to sleep (ja-da)
  8. 먹다- to eat (meok-da)
  9. 마시다- to drink (ma-si-da)
  10. 앉다- to sit (anj-da)
  1. 밥- food/rice (bap)
  2. 의사- doctor (uisa)
  3. 선생님- teacher (seon-saeng-nim)
  4. 어머니- mother (eo-meo-ni)
  5. 아버지- father (a-beo-ji)
  6. 동생- younger sibling (dong-saeng)
  7. 남자- man (nam-ja) 👨
  8. 여자- woman (yeoja) 👩
  9. 할아버지- grandfather (hal-a-beo-ji)
  10. 할머니- grandmother (hal-meo-ni)

That’s it for today’s post! I hope you’ve learned something and as much as possible please memorize these words… 😊



p.s keep studying korean!  Love u lots💓





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